Discover the Relax way

Relax, these are connected and comfortable hotels. All offered at affordable prices. They have been designed without compromising on amenities and services: king-size beds, flat-screen satellite TV, free Wi-Fi, gaming area, 24/7 restaurant... The rooms and suites are cocoons of serenity. The restaurant caters to your preferences and schedule. The various lobby spaces are places of freedom and sharing... And our teams ensure the success of your stay 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Comfort Style

Relax hotels take care of their guests, starting with their sleep. Relax places a strong emphasis on the comfort of its rooms. To truly enjoy your stay, whether it's for leisure or business, pleasant and restorative nights are essential. Therefore, Relax hotels provide in all their rooms and suites, king-size beds and excellent memory foam pillows.

Breakfast Club

Relax believes that a good breakfast contributes greatly to a successful day. But what makes a good breakfast? A complete meal that caters to YOUR needs. The choice is yours. Whether it's a healthy, indulgent, or quick start, this menu will be served at the restaurant according to your current cravings. It's in the same friendly atmosphere restaurant, Le Bnine & Zouine, where you can come and enjoy your meals anytime. Open continuously, it offers you a menu with flavors from here and there that you can share with your loved ones, freely and at your convenience.