EXPERIENCIAH regards you as a valued customer, and our priority is to offer you exceptional stays and moments. Your complete satisfaction and trust are essential to us. As part of our commitment to meet your expectations, we have implemented a Charter to protect your personal data. This Charter materializes our commitments to you and describes the terms under which EXPERIENCIAH uses your personal data. 



In this charter, "EXPERIENCIAH" refers to:
 The company EXPERIENCIAH SA, a company headquartered at 60 rue d’Alger in Casablanca. 
The subsidiaries and other companies affiliated with EXPERIENCIAH SA involved in hotel activities. 
The hotels operated under one of the EXPERIENCIAH brands worldwide. 



At various times, we may need to collect information about you, as well as those accompanying you, including: 
Contact details such as first name, last name, phone number, email address. 
Personal information such as date of birth and nationality. Information about your children, such as first name, date of birth, and age. 
Your credit card number for transactions and reservations. 
Information on an ID, such as an identity card, passport, or driver's license. 
Your member number of the EXPERIENCIAH loyalty program or another partner program, and information about your activities in this program. 
Your dates of arrival and departure. 
Your preferences and interests such as smoker or non-smoker room, preferred floor, type of bedding, preferences for printed press, cultural interests, food and drink preferences, etc. 
Your questions or comments during or after your stay in one of EXPERIENCIAH's establishments. Technical and location information generated by the use of our websites and applications. 



Personal information can be collected in various contexts, such as: 

Hotel Activities: 
Room booking. Check-in and payment. 
Stay at the hotel and use of its services. 
Consumption of drinks or meals at the hotel bar or restaurant during the stay. 
Requests, complaints, and/or disputes. 

Participation in Marketing Programs or Events: 
Registration for loyalty programs. Responding to satisfaction surveys. 

Participating in online games or contests. 

Subscription to newsletters to receive offers and promotions by email. 


Information Transmission from Third Parties: 

Tour operators, travel agencies (online or not), GDS booking systems, and others. 



Internet Activities: 

Connecting to sites (IP address, cookies in accordance with our policy on the use of trackers). 

Online collection forms (online booking, surveys, EXPERIENCIAH pages on social networks, connection devices using your social network IDs, interactions with a conversational agent or "chatbot").




EXPERIENCIAH operates in several cities in Morocco. This means that we have to share your personal data with recipients under certain conditions. For instance, data related to your stays, preferences, satisfaction, and loyalty program might be shared among hotels operating under an EXPERIENCIAH brand, in order to improve the quality of service and your experience. 

You can object at any time to the sharing of this information by contacting the Personal Data Protection Department, whose contact details are provided in the "Your Rights" section. 

Only the following may be recipients of the information, within the limits of their respective roles: 

The internal staff authorized to process the data and individuals or entities authorized to process them under a legal provision, or due to a contractual or conventional obligation, notably the website host and the provider of the online booking solution. 

As the online booking solution provider is located outside Morocco, a data transfer abroad is carried out ensuring a level of protection of your personal data, guaranteed in compliance with legislation regarding the transfer of personal data. This transfer has been notified to the CNDP (National Commission for Data Protection). 

Finally, as per local regulations, we might be required to provide your information to local authorities if it's mandated by law or as part of an investigation. 




 EXPERIENCIAH uses cookies and other tracking tools on its websites. To learn more about the use of these tools, you can access our cookie policy by clicking on the "Cookies" link located at the bottom of our website pages. 




In accordance with Law No. 09-08 enacted by Dahir 1-09-15 on February 18, 2009, relating to the protection of individuals concerning the processing of personal data, you have the right to access and correct information about you. You can exercise this right by emailing [email protected] or by mail at: EXPERIENCIAH, 60 rue d’Alger, Casablanca, Morocco. Additionally, for legitimate reasons, you can object to the processing of data concerning you. 

This processing is currently being reported to the CNDP.




We reserve the right to regularly update this charter. For this reason, we advise you to review it frequently, especially if you make a reservation in one of our hotels. 




If you have questions about EXPERIENCIAH's personal data policy, you can contact us using the means provided in the "Your Rights" section