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Relax Hotel Oujda offers 60 modern, comfortable rooms equipped with all the modern amenities. Additionally, it features a restaurant open throughout the day and evening. Pleasant meeting rooms are available for your use, as well as various lobby spaces for more informal and friendly gatherings. Relax Hotel Oujda is conveniently located near tourist and business activities, providing you with a serene stay for both business and leisure.

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Relax Hotel Oujda is located 15 minutes away from the Technopole d'Oujda and 20 minutes from Oujda-Angad International Airport. It takes just a 5-minute drive to reach the medina (a 15-minute walk) and 15 minutes to reach the Sidi Yahya Oasis.

Relax Hotel Oujda
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Don't waste time searching for a parking spot for your vehicle. Relax Hotel Oujda provides you with free parking, making your stay hassle-free.

Keep your outfits impeccable. A laundry service is available for you. You can have your clothes washed and ironed throughout your stay.
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Come and relax by the pool. The Relax Hotel offers an outdoor swimming pool where you can swim, dive, and refresh with family or friends.
Relax Hotel Oujda

Oujda, the capital of the Oriental region, has long been a true crossroads of civilizations between Europe and North Africa. From this history, it preserves a well-preserved medina and beautiful monuments to visit. Located in the east of Morocco, about fifty kilometers from the Mediterranean coast, near the Beni Snassen Mountains, it offers beautiful natural surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions
What to do in Oujda ?

Strolling in Lalla Aïcha Park: With its wide pathways, palm trees, oaks, flowers, and fountains, Lalla Aïcha Park creates a genuine slice of paradise cherished by both the residents of Oujda and visitors. This large municipal park allows for delightful walks amidst 17 hectares of nature, established in 1935. It features recreational areas with pools, children's play areas, sports fields, and horseback riding and tennis clubs. The park is located less than 10 minutes by taxi from the medina and about a 25-minute walk.

Lalla Meriem Park: Located very close to the medina, Lalla Meriem Park is just 400 meters from Bab Sidi Abdelwahab Gate and near Dar Sebti Palace. Though younger and smaller than its big brother, Lalla Aïcha Park, Lalla Meriem Park is still of interest. It offers a refreshing haven with pleasant walks in generous natural surroundings across two hectares. Additionally, it houses a museum of traditional weapons from the Oriental region. This park provides a green and refreshing break after exploring the medina.

Refreshing in the Sidi Yahya Oasis and Visiting the Mausoleum: Sidi Yahya is the patron saint of Oujda, revered by Muslims, Jews, and Christians alike. The oasis, where a mausoleum was erected in his honor, has long been known as a meeting place for multiple religions and cultures. Renovated in 2010, it is located six kilometers south of the city. With its streams, small bridges, shaded pathways, and lush vegetation, it offers a refreshing respite for city dwellers and visitors. It's also a place of pilgrimage for those who come to pay their respects to Sidi Yahya.

Discovering the Surrounding Nature and Archaeological Sites: The region is ripe for exploration and offers diverse landscapes: archaeological and speleological sites, the Rif Mountains, gorges, lakes, plains, the Mediterranean and its beaches... Everyone can find a change of scenery according to their desires and the time available. In the hinterland, you can visit astonishing sites, such as the Camel Cave, located 64 km from Oujda, which houses an underground river and a succession of stalagmites and stalactites. Or the Pigeon Cave, which has sheltered humans for millennia, as evidenced by archaeological excavations that identified the "Man of Tafoghalt" (15,000 years ago). Both are situated in the Zegzel Valley, in the heart of the Beni Snassen Mountains, revealing beautiful terraced landscapes where various fruit trees are cultivated, including lemon, orange, and pomegranate trees. Further north, the Mediterranean unfolds with its long beaches, including the seaside resort of Saïdia.

Improving Your Swing at Isly Golf: Oujda boasts its own golf course, allowing you to make the most of your stay in the capital of the Oriental region by enjoying a round and honing your swing. Isly Golf is located in the northern part of the city and is adorned with palm trees, pine trees, and artificial lakes.

What to see in Oujda ?

The Medina: The medina remains the historical heart of the city, clearly defined by its walls, with frequent access through the Bab Sidi Abdelouahab or Bab El Gharbi gates, two of the oldest gates. Most of the historical sites to visit are located within the medina. Often, it's a place where you can find souvenirs and choose to get lost in its winding streets.

Jamaa Al Kebir Mosque: The Jamaa Al Kebir, or the Grand Mosque, is the oldest monument in the medina and the largest mosque in Oujda. It is situated behind the walls and the imposing gate of Sidi Abdelouahab. It was built by the Merinid Sultan Abu Yaâcoub Youssef at the end of the 13th century, in 1298. Its minaret, standing at 24 meters, was erected somewhat later, in 1317. It is a beautiful representation of Moorish architecture with finely carved woodwork and mosaic tiles. Outside, don't miss the three fountains with colorful faience, predominantly in shades of blue, topped by a roof of green glazed tiles.

Merinid Medersa: This Quranic school, located not far from Jamaa Al Kebir and dating back to the 14th century, is still in operation seven centuries after its construction. Today, students come to learn the Quran, just as they did in the past. It remains an example of Merinid art.

Dar Sebti House: This residence is a true little palace built in the 1930s by Abdellatif Sebti, a wealthy merchant from Fès. He gifted it to the city, and it was transformed into a center for the study and research of gharnati music. Various cultural activities and festivities take place there. It is located across from Lalla Meriem Park.

Saint-Louis d'Anjou Church: Oujda is home to a large church. Its imposing architecture even earned it the name of a cathedral, although it doesn't serve that function. Built from 1908, the Saint-Louis d'Anjou Church is a testament to the cultural blending that has long been prevalent in Oujda. It is still in use today.

Where to eat in Oujda ?

Oujda offers a variety of restaurants, and the one at Relax Hotel Oujda combines flavors and freedom. The Bnine & Zouine, open throughout the day, welcomes you at any time to enjoy moments of culinary indulgence with your friends or colleagues, in a playful setting. Its buffet allows you to savor local and international flavors as you please, whenever you wish.

Where to stay in Oujda ?

The hotel offer is starting to develop in Oujda, and Relax Hotel Oujda has plenty of strengths to offer. It caters to both business travelers and tourists, providing comfort, a modern and fun ambiance, and an excellent value for money.

How many days to visit Oujda ?

The capital of the Oriental region deserves at least a minimum of 2 days on its own to take the time to explore it. However, you will need to add an extra day or two if you wish to discover its hinterland, and why not spend a night by the Mediterranean.

Getting around Oujda

Oujda can be explored on foot and by taxi. You can also rent a car to get to your business appointments and explore the hinterland.